Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nafsa live painting

I got invited a few weeks ago to do a live painting to be auctioned off at the NAFSA conference that was held at the wonderful Hotel Murano in Tacoma ( which I got to stay at over night-highly recommend it if your looking to stay in Tacoma anytime soon).  Well, the whole thing went down this Friday. I've done three of these now so I pretty much knew how this was going to go.  I had a blast! Knocked the painting out in about an hour or so. I meet some really awesome people and just generally had a good time and hammed it up pretty good. There was some video taken which ill post as soon as I get a copy. I also took a few pics the night of as well as the process of preparing the piece.
The bare wood cradle. I general don't buy backing boards or painting services, but i made a exception in this case.
Since my work generally has nothing to do contextually with the organization I was generating the piece for I decide to work their logo into the painting. I got online and printed out dozens of the NAFSA logo. using wheat paste I attached them to the wood. I then laid a few layers of Titanium White braking up the field.
Then I laid down the bare bones of the image in graphite
Here we are just getting ready to start in the main ball room of the hotel
And a little over an hour latter. I pulled a Basquiat and painted in a suit and managed not to get anything on myself.
The thing went for a c-note. I personal think the 1000 kisses Should have won

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