Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mathew Barney and The Dallas Art Scene

I just got back from Dallas/FT Worth area visiting my in laws. It was a good trip all and all. We went to the Dallas Museum of Art on of the last few days of our trip. It pretty much destroyed the SAM in scale and breath. Don't get me wrong I love the SAM-this was just .....huge! While we were wondering threw one of the four gift shops I final got myself a copy of the giant Out of Print hardcover Cremaster Cycle book. I love big and heavy art books! I really dig the whole Cremaster Cycle and the majority of Mathew Barney's work. I Have been wanting this book for a while. Ive checked out from the library about a dozen times. The place was really great for the most part (their Greco-roman stuff kinda sucked but this is really nitpicking....) but two exhibits stood out for me. The first was the . The Materials and Meanings exhibit . featured cardboard furniture which was really cool! I really need to make some! The other was the Jacob Lawrence: The Life of Toussaint L' Ouverture exhibit. It had its own constructed room about the size of the SAMS gift shop! Really great stuff!

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